Vitamin E in Ecuri Super Lash Serum helps to Grow Stunning Eyelashes

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E in Ecuri Super Lash Serum helps to Grow Stunning Eyelashes

Vitamin E is a wonderful remedy that takes care of our eyelashes and makes them looking as fabulous as possible. We do want them looking luscious, glossy, thick and long don’t we? The most striking part of a woman’s eye is undoubtedly her eyelashes. Long, thick and full lashes add a quality of mystery that makes eyes so attractive and so dramatic. To give our eyelashes that stunning look, we either use mascara or fake eyelashes. But for how long really? Why don’t we appreciate some more natural ways and solutions to grow long eyelashes as Mother Nature intended?

Vitamin E in Ecuri Super Lash Serum

Antioxidants and fatty acids in Ecuri Super Lash will help to keep moisture and prevent your eyes from bad bacteria in general. It is especially rich in Vitamin E which is good for the growth of hair of the eyelashes and skin of the eye lids. It is also helpful for bringing the eyelashes up and making them curlier. Vitamin E

Ecuri Super Lash is an eyelash growth serum. It conditions your eyelashes helping them to grow stronger, thicker and fuller in a very short time. Here we mean days not even weeks! The complex of nutrtions, including Vitamin E makes Ecuri Super Lash unique and unlike any other lash serum on the market. It helps brittle, short, sparse lashes to become healthier in just a few weeks. The effects are stunning but you must continue to use it for a month to keep your results.
Ecuri Super Lash serum is our personal favourite because it delivers such amazing results in such a short span of time. The fact that the eyelashes are growing so much longer and fuller since using this serum enables you to feel very confident with just this and a good mascara over the top. Once you get used to continuously wearing false lashes all the time it could feel so ‘not glamorous’ when you stop wearing them. However, since using Ecuri Super Lash serum you only have your own lashes now. They are 100% natural and it feels so much better having your own lashes day to day. Ecuri Super Lash is great value for money, so try this one first before spending too much more.

Ecuri Super Lash facts – Did you Know? 

  • Eyelashs are there to help protect our eyes from dust and any other micro-organisms that could cause irritation to our eyes. And this is a very important job to do!
  • Eyelash grow, fall off, and grow back again according to the hair growth cycle.
  • Eyelashes do not grow past a certain length like the hair on your head. Therefore, many women and some men try to lengthen their lashes with artificial attributes like eyelashes extensions and fake eyelashes.
  • Eyelashes go through the 3 phases of the hair growth cycle. These are the growth, transition, and resting phases. The 1st phase allows the lashes grow and lasts up to a maximum of 30 days. Then, it goes through the 2nd phase: the eyelashes stop growing and lasts up to 3 weeks. In the 3rd phase, that lasts for about 50 days the lashes fall out. It normally takes up to 6 weeks to replace an eyelash that fell out or was pulled out.
  • Vitamins & nutrients help eyelash growth – expecially the Vitamin E.  Vit E acts as conditioner to the eyelashes which will allow them to grow longer, stronger, and healthier. It speeds up and encourages new hair growth.
Here are some of our personal tips that really do help you achieve longer, thicker natural eyelashes.

Bonus Tips of Hair Loss Solutions:

Natural food sources also high in vitamin E:
  1. olive oil,
  2. yogurt,
  3. beans,
  4. eggs,
  5. fish,
  6. Soy protein.
The notes of caution:

Semi-Permanent eyelash extensions do harm the natural lashes, even if applied correctly by a professional! This happens because the lash extension is always applied too heavy and for too long for the lash, and it will cause the natural lash to fall out. With so many eyelash products and treatments on the market today it gets very confusing and pricey to find out what works and what is the best investment for your lashes. Try Ecuri Super Lash as it will keep your eyelashes long and healthy at a very reasonable cost.

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