Top Vitamins For Men with Ecuri Supplements

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Top Vitamins For Men with Ecuri DHT Blockers Supplements

Top Vitamins For Men are essential for building and maintaining a healthy and strong body. Men are just as vulnerable as women are to experiencing vitamin and mineral levels’ deficiency. Resolving this will help improve many aspects of a man’s overall health. It will allow muscle strength grow. It will increase a faster metabolism and fat loss. It’ll give more energy and better sleep. And it will improve sexual performance as well as an overall physical attractiveness in terms of a good looking skin and a steady hair growth. That’s why it’s important for men to get as much of the top vitamins as possible in their daily diet.

Here are some of the most important and top vitamins for men:
top vitaminstop vitamins
  • selenium
  • vitamin D
  • magnesium,
  • vitamin K

Ecuri Cosmetics has developed a range of supplements that contain essentially potent minerals and vitamins compounds in the form of herbal and nutritious extracts that will provide for men’s health, sexual performance and a healthy hair growth. The DHT Blockers for men will supplement your daily diet in a variety of ways by focusing especially on the vitality of prostate and blood circulation. And a healthy blood circulation will basically take care of the rest as the nutrients will be delivered to the overall cellular structure for retaining the desired level of balance in men’s health, appearance, energy and strength.

Selenium Benefits

Selenium is a trace mineral found in small amounts naturally in the soil, in certain foods and in water. Selenium increases immunity, it amounts to antioxidant activity and therefore defends against free radicals and inflammation, and plays a key role in a healthy metabolism.

Selenium has positive effects for:

  • successful male and female fertility and reproduction,
  • and also reduces the risk of cancer as well as thyroid diseases.
  • Selenium  increases antioxidant capabilities and the quality of blood flow, therefore enhancing the body’s resistance against diseases and stress.

Effects of Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies in both adult men and women. Especially those who live in cold climates and spend most of their time indoors.

Men need vitamin D to:

  • produce testosterone,
  • maintain strong bones,
  • protect brain health,
  • prevent depression,
  • and help control cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Vitamin D can be obtained from eating certain foods, but we get most of it from directly being exposed to the sun. Try spending 15–20 minutes outside every day of the week without sunscreen on. During the colder months of the yea, consider taking a supplement to cover your needs.


Magnesium is an electrolyte mineral. It plays a part in chemical processes regulating calcium, potassium and sodium levels. It helps prevent high blood pressure, muscle pain, headaches and heart disease. Due to increasing soil depletion levels of magnesium in the modern food supply have been going down. When a man is under a lot of stress, works out often, he’s more likely to experience low magnesium levels.

Signs of magnesium deficiency: 

  • muscle twitches,
  • anxiety,
  • difficulty getting good sleep.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is important for building and maintaining strong bones, blood clotting, and preventing heart disease. Vitamin K deficiency is more common in men who don’t regularly consume veggies or dairy products. Or those who have been taking antibiotics or medications for an extended period of time.

In addition to the important, top vitamins for men listed above, all men should make an effort to consume these essential minerals to feel vital, capable and living their lives to the full.

Bonus Tips of Hair Loss Solutions:

Natural food sources that are high in selenium:
  1. Brazil nuts,
  2. eggs,
  3. liver,
  4. tuna,
  5. cod,
  6. sunflower seeds,
  7. poultry and certain types of meat.
Natural food sources that are high in magnesium:
  1. leafy green veggies,
  2. cruciferous veggies,
  3. sea vegetables/algae,
  4. beans,
  5. nuts
  6. seeds.
Natural food sources that are high in Vitamin K

Vitamin K1 is found in many green vegetables. And vitamin K2 is found in dairy products. The best way to prevent vitamin K deficiency is to eat plenty of different veggies.

  1. including green leafy vegetables,
  2. broccoli,
  3. collards
  4. cabbage,
  5. some wild-caught fish
  6. and cage-free eggs.


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