Thinning Hair: Female Hair Loss Solutions

thinning hair female hair loss

Thinning Hair: Female Hair Loss and how to deal with this?

Thinning Hair and Female Hair Loss affects more women in the West than previously thought.

Our hair is a secondary sexual characteristic. It’s like a lion mane or a peacock’s shiny feathers. We don’t need it to keep us either warm or cool. Its only function is to increase sexappeal. Besides, we live in a culture of beautiful, luscious hair. We see it all day long in every commercial advertisement, be it a shampoo, a plastic phone case or a car. Hair is so inextricably linked to attractiveness and self-esteem that losing it is often compared especially by women to losing a limb.

There was a time when many of us took the thick mane for granted. We permed, straightened and bleached that hair throughout our teens and twenties. But some time later at least I found myself pulling more and more tangles out of my brush. I saw strands on the pillow case and the biggest worry about my hair loss began. Why could I see through to the roots on my scalp? I miserably watched my hair taking on an alarmingly transparent quality. I continuously examined my scalp in the mirror, noting carefully which side looked fuller. I spent a fortune on volumizing sprays, tonics, and shampoos for “thin and weak hair.” Still my hair kept getting worse. And then I became really scared.

There are certain things you will (as I did) hear medical specialists say about thinning hair and female hair loss.

  • If you are not completely bald then you really don’t have a problem
  • There are many causes for shedding, including stress and cancer treatments, if not post pregnancy issues
  • Request for endocrine blood tests to rule out a thyroid disorder which appears to be a frequently enough problem for many western women
  • 25 to 35 is already an average age for women with thinning hair female hair loss and it’s the early “gift” of menopause
  • If there’s baldness anywhere in your family tree, you might be at risk too.

Unlike male-pattern baldness, where bits of hair fall out over time, female thinning hair and female hair loss means a decrease in hair volume. This makes hair transplantation almost impossible. The number of hairs doesn’t decrease, but the thickness of each strand does. And thinned hairs will not grow past a certain length. This can explain the baby tiny hair that I could see around my hairline.

DHT influence on thinning hair female hair loss.

DHT, whose scientific name is dihydrotestosterone, is the product of a natural reaction that occurs in the body.  In the scalp, an enzyme known as alpha 5 reductase is produced.  As men and women age, there occurs an increase in creation of DHT. This by-product then reacts with the hair follicles, shrinking them, and causing them to become thinner and thinner until eventually, they fall out.

As you age, DHT become more prevalent, ultimately thwarting any hair growth whatsoever.  Recent studies show that 95% of hair loss can be attributed directly to DHT. Naturally, as a problem arises and becomes more understood, cures become available. The latest has come in the form of DHT blockers.

What will a DHT Blocker do for you?

DHT is, as far as studies are concerned, of absolute no benefit to the human body.  In other words, if you hinder its production, you won’t be causing yourself any harm.  Thus, the most logical hair loss prevention is to block DHT production altogether. The unfortunate part of blocking DHT, though, is that without any further nourishments or treatments, the process only prevents further hair loss. It can’t actually do anything to replenish the hair that has already been lost.

Replenishing hair loss with Ecuri Anti Hair Loss Lotion

There is a key to successful regrowth of thinning hair female hair loss.  

First, acknowledge that you have a problem. Do not wait too long. By being in denial, you’re losing precious time. The more hair you’ve lost, the less likely it is to grow back. If you think you need a specialist in hair problems seek him out? If there is any doubt run tests you think are needed, like the one for thyroid disorder, to elliminate hypothyroidism or any other serious ailment.

What rests is to start with our Hair Loss Solutions method. This includes taking in DHT Blockers (purely organic and nature based) to stop hair loss. Simultaneously, you can begin the process that stimulates new hair growth by using a herbal hair growth stimulator – the Ecuri Anti Hair Loss Lotion. Use it once a day, massaging it lightly directly into the scalp. The results are almost immediate and convincing to all of our clients.

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