Scalp Micropigmentation: Hair Filling Technique and DHT Blockers with Ecuri Cosmetics

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation: Hair Filling Technique and DHT Blockers with Ecuri Cosmetics

Scalp Micropigmentation and Hair Filling are fairly new Permanent Make-up for Scalp techniques that involve application of specific permanent make-up pigments directly into the Scalp. This mainly for the purpose of re-creating the ‘more hair’ look.

What enhances this technique even further and is of great benefit to both men and women who are suffering from the hormone imbalance related hair loss issues is the DHT Blockers, devised and implemented by the Ecuri Cosmetics.


As some men and women’s  tendency to loose hair due to natural aging proces or hormonal imbalance becomes uncomfortably visible, many are choosing that sort of treatment. It is safe, immediate, painless and far less costly than for example hair transplantation procedure.

However, the effects of Hair Filling are fast and gratifying, mostly because of the illusion that implies an almost instantenuous increase in the hair look and its density.

Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Filling 1Scalp Micropigmentation hair Filling 2Scalp micropigmentation Hair Filling 4

The Permanent Make-up for Scalp technique has many names, such as Scalp Micropigmentation, Scalp Pigmentation, Micro Hair Pigmentation as well as Hair Filling.

This technique appears to be as varied as it sounds.

According to Alec Kurucz, the leading specialist of Ecuri Cosmetics and the developer of the Hair Loss Solutions Method:

 ‘Hair Filling is very flexible and adaptable to any kind of skin in terms of gender, age or colour. But most amazingly, it is continuously able to re-invent itself when applied to any specified issue of hair loss. So, I’d rather recommend using the tiny mist of dots on the areas which come near to the beginning of the hair line, because the thicker application of pigment could ruin the beauty of illusion and became an ugly replication instead of subtle implication of hair growth. And I’d rather substitute the mist of dots with the sharp short and middle length straight or curved lines when filling in the empty gaps between the hairs on top of the Scalp.’

The Hair Filling technique serves mostly an aesthetic purpose. Generally, it was developed to disguise the patches of already lost hair on some or many  areas of the Scalp.

However, this treatment does not prevent the falling out of hair to continue.

But, what does solve this problem for both men and women, pariticularly those who lose their hair as the result of natural lack of hormonal balance is the DHT Blockers.

As Alec Kurucz explains:

‘Ecuri Cosmetics has developed a powerful nature based supplement that stops hair loss permanently. It uses the essential oil of Saw Palmetto berries which fights the DHT hormone, the notorious hair-killer. And a range of natural plant extracts as well as vitamins and minerals, such as Biotin and Zink that are all well-known nutrition and benefactors for a healthy hair growth.’

Ecuri Cosmetics has a range of the DHT Blockers which are all preventing hair loss yet with a specific emphasis on a particular issue:

  1. hair loss and hair growth
  2. hair loss and hormone imbalance
  3. hair loss and prostate cure for men

HaarGroei Activering DHT blokker 3dhtblockerIMG_5858HaarGroei-Activering-Saw-Palmetto-2

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