Some questions about DHT answered: influence of DHT hormone on hair loss and body hair growth

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DHT hormone

Some questions about DHT answered: influence of DHT hormone on hair loss and body hair growth.

Very often people would have misconceptions about DHT hormone as it is some bad androgen by-product that serves only negative purpose in the body. As it is already known and acknowledged DHT makes aging men’s prostates blow up and causes male (and often female) pattern baldness.

Understanding DHT Connection to Hair Loss

DHT, the scientific name is dihydrotestosterone, is both a sex steroid and an androgen hormone. In fact, it is the by-product of testosterone. It occurs naturally in the body. The enzyme alpha5-reductase synthesizes DHT hormone from testosterone in the prostate, testes, hair follicles and adrenal glands. As men age, the constant reaction with testosterone begins to create more and more DHT.  In the scalp this by-product then reacts with the hair follicles, shrinking them, and causing them to become thinner and thinner until eventually, they cease to exist and fall out. Thus, here the most logical hair loss prevention possibility available is blocking DHT production altogether.

Natural DHT Blocker: Saw PalmettoDHT hormone

Natural remedies that block DHT hormone include one very popular component such as Saw Palmetto. This natural DHT Blocker works through inhibiting the production of the actual by-product. It is halting the conversion of testosteron to DHT as well as reducing the production of enzyme alfa 5 altogether. It is rich in fatty acids and contibutes to its anti-inflamatory properties. Saw Palmetto blocks the testosteron in the body from combining with the alpha 5 to form DHT.

And what about DHT and body hair?

Body hair or vellus hair (soft, light body hair) that later turnes into terminal hair (harsh, dark body hair like chest and pubic hair) unlike head hair is androgenic hair. This hair develops during and after puberty. It is different from head hair and much less visible because it is finer and lighter in colour.

The growth of androgenic hair is related to the level of androgens, DHT hormone is one of them. DHT hormone is eventually one of the hormones that is responsible for its development and subsequent growth throughout life.

The density of body hair varies from person to person. Androgenic hair follows the same growth pattern as the hair that grows on the scalp. However, the anagen phase is shorter and the telogen phase is longer. This shortened growing period and extended dormant period explains why the hair on the head tends to be much longer than other hair found on the body.DHT hormone

Hair follicles are to varying degrees sensitive to androgen, primarily testosterone and its derivatives as the DHT hormone. That is why different areas on the body will have different sensitivity to these hormones. As androgen (DHThormone) levels increase, the rate of hair growth and the weight of the hairs increase. And vice versa. Therefore, using the DHT Blockers to stop or prevent hair loss on the head would eventually reduce the body hair as well for men and women equally.

In conclusion:

Sometime we have a tendency to range DHT hormone as either good or bad, with no contradiction and no space in between. DHT (like any other estrogen hormone) has often enough been on a bad list. It stands for a hormone that has no use for the body except to cause harm.

However, in our opinion the situation with the DHT is more complex. DHT is one of those ‘grey area’ hormones that is not fully grasped as yet by modern science. For some people, it is not something that you need to reduce or eliminate in the body. For others, it is a must to keep the DHT levels under control. We would suggest and after reading this article, at least to keep an open mind on this sensitive subject.


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