Cinnamon health benefits include healthy skin and hair growth

Cinnamon health benefits


Cinnamon health benefits are actually legendary.

Cinnamon appears to be infinitely more useful than just a fragrant spice. In fact, cinnamon has been used by Chinese Ayurvedic medicine for many thousands of years. It can be stated that cinnamon is one of the healthiest herbs in the world along with garlic, ginger and turmeric.

History tells us that the powerful health benefits of cinnamon can be equalled to the value of gold and precious stones.

Sinnamon health benefits extend to very important body parts and funtions. Its biggest benefits include balancing blood sugar, killing candida infection, boosting energy, supporting weight loss and improving skin health.

Cinnamomum verum and Cinnamomum cassia are its scientific names. The history of cinnamon is actually unique and very mysterious.

Some of the earliest reports date cinnamon to ancient Egypt around 4,000 B.C. as a perfuming agent during their sacred embalming process.

Cinnamon health benefits are referenced 4x in the Bible, being used in the sacred holy anointing oil and to destroy plagues.


When you look at cinnamon nutrition facts one of the first things that will attract your attention is its amazingly high antioxidant rating.  The antioxidant value of ground cinnamon ranks it #7 of all antioxidant foods in the world!

It is also rich in:

  • Vitamin K
  • Iron
  • Dietary Fiber
  • Calcium
  • Manganese

Cinnamon benefits the body by healing digestive disorders, joint pain and menstrual discomfort because of its high content of the natural anti-inflammatory chemical that gives cinnamon its wonderful flavour and odour. It’s known as one of the most nutrient substances in the world.



A mixture of cinnamon oil and honey can be extremely effective at treating skin conditions such as acne and skin infections because of its antimicrobial capacity.

Just take 1 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of cinnamon (or 2 drops cinnamon oil) and mix them together then rub on face. Leave on for 1 minute then rinse off and in a few days you can see clearer skin.


One of the most profound examples showing how cinnamon benefits allergies is seen in a 2006 Egyptian study, which evaluated its ability to keep house mites at bay.

These potent allergens have become a global menace and add at least 45% of children with asthma are allergic to them!

When Egyptian researchers evaluated the ability various essential oils had in killing the highly allergic house mite, they discovered that cinnamon was #1.


Due to its antimicrobial characteristics, cinnamon has helped millions of people all across the globe overcome bacterial overload in their gut.

Several studies have even described its powerful ability to control dangerous E. coli infections.

If you do have stomach cramps or upsets, a cup of Cinnamon tea 2-3 times  per day will dramatically reduce the pain.  Also, adding in liquorice root, ginger or chamomile are also great for gut issues.


Cinnamon wonderful qualities extend even to the hair growth, mostly due to its magnificent nutritious range including such elements as Iron, Manganese and Calcium.

To improve hair growth you don’t have to do anything compicated. Ecuri Cosmetics has already done everything for you by creating the Ecuri Anti Hair Loss Loltion. Besides cinnamon essential oil, It contains everything your hair would ever need in terms of nutrition and care to keep its health, strength and thickness intact and independent of the internal or external factors like age, hormonal flexes or the weather. The Ecuri Anti Hair Loss Lotion is incorporated into the Hair Loss Solutions method, devised and developed by the Ecuri Cosmetics to help men and women with baldness and hair thinning issues.

All you need to do is to just spray several drops of the Ecuri Anti Hair Loss Lotion on the scalp and lightly massage it into the hair roots. It takes literally just several days to see the hair strength increasing and its elasticity and health improving. After several weeks of continuous use of the lotions (once daily is sufficient) you will notice an increased hair growth as well.

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