Female hair loss can be stopped with Ecuri DHT Blockers

female hair loss

Female hair loss can be stopped with Ecuri DHT Blockers

Female hair loss is a painful experience which can be stopped or at least reduced with DHT Blockers especially devised for women.

Hair is so strongly linked to our idea of attractiveness and self-esteem that losing it is often compared to a personal failure.

DHT influence on female hair loss.

DHT, the scientific name is dihydrotestosterone, is the by-product of testosterone.  In the scalp, an enzyme known as alpha 5 reductase is created. With aging, there occurs an increase in production of DHT hormone. This by-product then reacts with the hair follicles, basically killing them, and causing hair to become thinner until eventually it falls out.

Recent studies show that more than 9o% of hair reduction can be attributed directly to DHT hormone. And that overproduction of DHT hormone can be balanced by DHT blockers.

 Replenishing hair with Ecuri DHT Blockers

dhtblockerIMG_5858First, do not wait long before you recognize that your hair is falling out and there is no apparent reason for this. If you think you need a specialist in hair problems seek him or her out? Run tests if you think your need them, like the one for thyroid disorder, to eliminate any possible serious ailment.

After that start with taking in Ecuri DHT Blockers for women (purely organic and nature based) to stop hair loss.

Simultaneously, you can enhance the stimulation of new hair growth by using an herbal hair growth activator – the Ecuri Anti Hair Loss Lotion. Use it once a day, massaging it lightly directly into the scalp. The results are almost immediate and convincing to all of our clients.





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