Micro Hair Pigmentation (MHP)

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What is Micro Hair Pigmentation (MHP)

Micro Hair Pigmentation (MHP) is a technique that is well known and acknowledged in such countries as Great Britain and the United States. Also in the Netherlands it has been recognized for many years and has been used successfully. In this technique a mist of tiny little dots of pigment is placed under the skin surface. After the treatment, the scalp seems to be covered with very short hair stubble. It is often used for partial or complete baldness in both men and women. Even with thinning hair this technique should be useful. Through insertion of a veil of fine dots of pigment just under the skin your hair gets a natural, fuller look. Because this treatment creates an illusion that there is actually more hair growing on your head, this technique is considered one of the most innovative and the best of its kind. This method is currently widely used to make hair appear thicker, hiding scars and camouflaging baldness. Micro Hair Pigmentation aftercare requires several days and is usually experienced as only slightly uncomfortable.

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Micro Hair Pigmentation devices

To apply Micro Hair Pigmentation Ecuri Cosmetics uses a wide range of permanent make-up devices developed by our firm in Germany. They are extremely reliable and meet all the requirements and regulations for safety and hygiene.  All our units are GGD approved.

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Micro Hair Pigmentation devices
Micro Hair Pigmentation pigments


For Micro Hair Pigmentation Ecuri Cosmetics developed Scalp-Pigments, which are different in composition than permanent make-up and tattoo pigments. Our pigments fade only slightly after the healing process.  Once the skin is cured, the pigment remains looking razor-sharp and visible in the skin approximately for 10 years. In contrast, permanent make-up pigments, both for the eyebrows as for lips, gradually become lighter and eventually fade almost completely. With Micro Hair Pigmentation this is not desirable. The Ecuri Cosmetics pigments are well known in the permanent make-up industry, and many professionals work with them. Because our Scalp-Pigments do not disintegrate into the skin, once inserted, the pigments remain visibly present with a natural colour effect. On the other hand, they can be removed without difficulty with one or two laser treatment sessions or removal solution’s application by our permanent make-up removal specialists.

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