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Micro Hair Pigmentation according to Ecuri Cosmetics is based on a technique that is globally applied with great success by those who suffer from various forms of baldness. But Micro Hair pigmentation alone is not the universal solution for someone who has to deal with extreme hair loss. This method is particularly aimed at people who for aesthetic reasons desire to generate the illusion that their baldness is being properly camouflaged and in the most natural way. Perhaps this combinational treatment offers you the perfect solution. We will be delighted to welcome you to our salon for the personal advice and treatment that will help you to achieve your goal.


Micro Hair Pigmentation with Hair Growth Stimulation is actually an amalgamation of tattooing techniques with special pigments and Hair Growth Activator. This treatment is primarily aimed at people who still have hair but have the misfortune of monitoring how fast their hair is falling out. Often such events bring a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, and it can even lead to depression. For our customers who have experienced this situation, the choice of this treatment was a real life changer. People who do not wait too long are likely on time to find out that their hair follicles are still intact. After treatment with the Hair Growth Activator they have partially or completely got their hair growing back again.

For women

Unfortunately, not only men suffer hair loss. Often enough there are also women who are struggling with the same problem. The Ecuri method that combines Micro Hair Pigmentation with Hair Growth Activation has been proven to be just as effective for women as for men. To see one becoming bald is for everyone a very unpleasant experience. Women experience this all the more painfully and dramatically. The Ecuri combinational therapy is focused on women with thinning hair and excessive hair loss. Besides making the bald spots invisible this treatment awakens hair to its new growth.


As well as for men

In this Hair Loss Solutions Method, Micro Hair Pigmentation is combined with the Hair Growth Activation, and is ideally suited for men with different forms of baldness. It is especially recommended when thinning hair and hair loss has occurred recently. This type of hair loss is much more common than previously thought. With men, this type of hair loss knows no difference in race or age.

Micro Hair Pigmentation Equipment

Micro Hair Pigmentation technique makes use of the most modern devices  in the field of permanent make-up equipment that can be found. We develop our equipment in Germany in close cooperation between Dutch and German scientists.

Our equipment for permanent makeup is efficient, safe and hygienic.

We make use of up-to-date technological developments in the field of aesthetic and cosmetic industries. Our devices are distributed by us in many countries around the world.

The Pigments

Micro Hair Pigmentation conducted by Ecuri Cosmetics utilizes original tattoo art techniques that work with permanent make-up pigments. However, Ecuri Micro Hair Pigments are strongly distinguishable from other products. We use highly specialized pigments that are different in composition from permanent make-up pigments used for tattooing of face and other parts of the body. Our Micro Hair Pigments are colourfast. They remain in the skin for as long as 10 years retaining their original colouring. They also have a wide range of colour shades so that they can be perfectly matched to any unique skin colour. They are very safe to use and mild for the skin. Depending on your sensitivity, we always recommend starting with a test before Micro Hair Pigmentation treatment.





Permanent make-up devices


All Ecuri Cosmetics eqipment is GGD approved

Quality control

We collaborate with scientists from The Netherlands and Germany

Well tested

All devices are painstakingly tested and used in many countries around the world.

  • Survey among 200 treated clients 100%
  • Satisfied with their look after the treatments 95%
  • More than satisfied with support and advice 87%
  • Satisfied with new hair growth 79%

Our Results

People who struggle with hair problems often feel lonely and unattractive. They suffer from stress and uncertainty. Often they see no way out of the situation they find themselves in. Because with us they find professional support,  treatment and counselling they are offered a chance  to see big changes in their appearance quickly enough,  enhancing their lives in so many ways. It gives us great satisfaction to be able to contribute to the happiness of so many men and women who have come to us in recent years with their problems and have been treated with success.

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