ECURI Cosmetics TEAM

Ecuri Cosmetics Team, under the leadership of Alec Kurucz, is known for its experience and knowledge in the field of skin problems, skin rejuvenation and skin improvement.

But also, they specialize in improving and growing back of the hair.

The quality and professionalism is reflected in the unique, developed by Ecuri, methods such as Hair Loss Solutions

Hair Rescue Program for the eyebrows and eyelashes.

Ecuri Cosmetics also provides training courses and master classes in the field of permanent make-up and scalp pigmentation in The Netherlands and abroad.

Ecuri Cosmetics Team

Ecuri Cosmetics Team

works for more than ten years under the leadership of the skin and hair specialist Alec Kurucz.

During a visit to our salon you will be welcomed by our reception staff. All treatments are carried out in specially equipped treatment rooms.

You will be supported and treated by one of the Ecuri Cosmetics Team’s specialists, who have gained much experience in the application of methods such as Hair Loss Solutions, Hair Growth Activation and Micro Hair Pigmentation.

Only after a careful analysis of the condition of your hair and scalp a treatment plan will be chosen that you go through with your accompanying specialist.

Ecuri Cosmetics Team

and its specialists are well  aware how hair loss can afflict people who are in this situation.

Fortunately, in our modern times, the topic of hair loss has become negotiable for both men and women. There is a lot of attention given nowadays.

There are numerous studies and ongoing research, which give a better understanding of the origin of the hair, hair growth and hair loss. Ecuri Cosmetics Team closely follows the latest developments in the field of hair and scalp problems.

Ecuri Cosmetics regularly participates in international conferences and exhibitions. The Hair Loss Solutions Method makes use of modern vision and technology in order to solve the hair and scalp problems.


Experience and quality


  • Our team consists exclusively of experienced and highly specialized staff.
  • We have a daily practicing experience since the year 2000.
  • Specialist knowledge and the quality of products are continuously improving through exchange of experiences with skin specialists in the branche.
  • Every treatment is conducted in a personalized way, because every skin is unique.
  • Careful attention to the needs of the customer, because every desire is personal and every decision important.
  • A healthy scalp determines quality of your hair growth.
  • Sophisticated needles and highly reliable equipment to replicate a perfect illusion of the ‘hair shaved’ look.
  • We work closely with Dutch and German scientists in the field of pigment-mounting equipment.
  • Only use bio hypoallergenic pigments that are easy Only use bio to remove if you want to customize your wishes in the future.
  • Personal guidance at an exceptional quality / price ratio.
  • Treat trail is organized so that it has the most beneficial effect for a feasible outcome.
  • Our rates are 50 to 70% lower than the average hair transplant cost.



Quality and professionalism


  • Everyone knows it is important what other people think and how they feel about hair.
  • We attach to it from childhood and it cannot be denied that our hair greatly determines  our appearance.
  • We see it as a sign of identity, attraction and power.
  • The hair well cared for increased self-esteem.
  • Often determines even our behaviour  and exercise influence on our happiness.
  • If there are physical problems arise with the consequence that hair loss occurs, this is perceived as an additional burden by many.
  • Especially if the cause of hair fall is unclear.
  • Because each hair problem requires a personal approach, this method will not be necessarily suitable for everybody .
  • But if it for those who suffer from hair loss and choose this treatment by believing in it, this method will quickly and clearly deliver visible results.
  • The HairGrowth Activation of Hair Loss Solutions Method stops hair loss in many cases permanently.
  • The Hair Growth Activation stimulates new hair growth.
  • The Hair Loss Solutions Method is based on the modern trends and techniques that help improve hair and scalp problems.



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