Hair Loss Solutions

Hair Loss Solutions is an innovative method developed by Ecuri Cosmetics.

Hair Loss Solutions Method is successfully applied to hair loss, thinning hair and scalp problems. It shows you noticeable results after only 6 weeks starting the first treatment.

Hair Loss Solutions Method is considered progressive by its industry. It is a symbiosis of modern technological developments and natural hair growth promoting agents. Hair Loss Solutions Method uses the “non-invasive” way to get the products to work in the way that bring  hair loss to a halt.

In addition, it is cost effective, durable, and very effective.


What do our customers say :

… Now I can see my own hair growing. It gives me so much inner peace that I’ve got a lot more self-confidence …

Frans Knipmeijer

Micro Hair Pigmentation (MHP) is a very special  technique which is offered since the last years as a non-surgical alternative to hair transplantation. It is risk-free, durable and affordable.

Very often chosen by people with partial or total baldness.
Micro Hair Pigmentation creates the illusion of a newly shaved head. The perfect ‘hair-stubbled’ look creates a visual reduction in the contrast between the scalp and hair. Giving the impression that the head is covered with stubble growing.

It can also be used as a fill for patches on the scalp where the hair begins to thin out. It creates an ‘optical’ hair multiplication that looks very natural while creating  a fuller hair style.


Hair Growth Activation is a unique, innovative treatment for new hair growth. It is used in men and women with extreme hair loss or partial baldness. It is based on the treatment with Hair Growth Activator. This mix of high-quality proteins of exclusively plants origin and a complex of vitamins, amino acids and minerals promotes human hair growth.

The ingredients in this product make sure that the quality of the scalp, in which the hair follicles develop, is improved. This allows the remaining hair to become stronger and healthier. The hair follicles are stimulated to re-create the new hair growth and for the existing hair to grow stronger. As a result, hair loss is reduced and delayed, while the hair roots are strengthening.  At the end, the hair regains its strength and lustre.

Micro Hair Pigmentation with Hair Growth Stimulation is a combination therapy which uses two special techniques. At first Micro Hair Pigmentation is  applied to the scalp, followed by Hair Growth Activator.

This treatment is often chosen by men and women who still have got their hair but thinning and experiencing a progressive hair loss. For those who suffered from recent hair loss the chance is  indeed more likely to stop hair loss and restart hair  growth. Then this choice of treatment represents a real life changer.

To our customers, who have not waited too long to start with the treatment, the chance is good  that their hair follicles are still intact. After the treatment with the Hair Growth Activator they would partially or even completely be able to get their own hair back.

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