Ecuri Pigments voor Micro Hair Pigmentation

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Ecuri Pigments for Micro Hair Pigmentation were designed for application of Micro Hair Pigmentation techniques.

Ecuri Pigments for MHP are hypoallergenic and gentle for the skin. Because Micro Hair Pigmentation uses a specialized organic ink, the likelihood of skin irritation is very small.

There are two types of the Ecuri Pigments which serve different purposes.

MHP is a special technique which is used mainly for two groups of people.

  • People with thinning hair.

MHP mimics an illusion of growing hair. It creates a natural-looking hair style. People can opt for this treatment already at the first signs of hair loss. Micro Hair Pigmentation provides for optically filled with hair scalp by blurring the contrast between the skin and the hair. As a result, it appears as if the scalp is covered with more hair.

In order to achieve this, Ecuri applies the Classic Ecuri Pigments. They differ vastly from the tattoo pigments, although they too are hardly fading. Yet they are very easy to remove. Ecuri MHP pigments can remain visible in the skin up to 10 years as they contain a special kind of protein. This protein fixes the colour and the structure of the pigment in the skin and prevents its migration during the healing process.

The examples of the Classic Ecuri Pigments:

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Pigments Black and Brown. Without blue undertone. Perfect for long hair pigmentation. For example, for women with dark thinning hair.

Albast brown – Dark brown pigment. Cool undertone shade effect in dark hair. Long hair follicle pigmentation and simulation.

Brown XL – Dark brown pigment. Cool undertones. Lighter than number 2. For long hair follicle pigmentation and simulation.

Espresso 1 – Dark brown pigment. Warm undertone. For long hair pigmentation.

Dark mahogany – Dark brown pigment. Warm undertone. For long hair follicle pigmentation and simulation.

Mahogany Medium – brown pigment. Warm undertone. For long hair follicle pigmentation and simulation.

Light mahogany – Light brown pigment. Warm undertone. For long hair follicle pigmentation and simulation.

Orange pigment. For correction of blue-grey undertone. This one always to be mixed with other pigments.

  • People with partial or total baldness:

MHP is increasingly used for people who are completely or partially bald. For this target group MHP is applied as tiny dots in places where no hair growth is. It is a highly specialized technique that is sometimes compared to tattoo. At first glance it seems very much like the tattoo. But this comparison is very superficial. Micro Hair Pigmentation is definitely not a tattoo. That is proved by the differences in the techniques of insertion of the pigments into the scalp and the quality of the pigments themselves. The manner of introduction of MHP simulates the shaved hair style or the short rough growth of hair.

For this group of peorple there are specifically designed the Razor Sharp Ecuri pigments. Razor Sharp Ecuri Pigments create a perfectly shaved effect. To understand this effect, you should look at a freshly shaven man. If the skin is shaven you would see the colour of the beard as silver coloured with a black or grey undertone. This is the colour of the hair follicles. In fact, the same grey and black colours are contained in the pigments. Grey is a dilution of the black. Black pigment, which is diluted with water, will show a pigment with a grey tone. This also happens when the black pigment is repelled by the skin during the healing period resulting in the emergence of a grey tone.

How deep the pigment has been introduced in the skin is decisive for the final colour and tone of the pigment in the skin. Ecuri Pigments have to be inserted rather deep into the skin, namely in the subcutaneous fatty tissue that lies close to the skull. The deeper the pigment has been placed in the skin, the cooler the colour will be.

Ecuri Razor Sharp pigments are 100% radiance free (non-polar). The pigments are based on carbon (carbon) and completely safe.

  • These are examples of Razor Sharp Ecuri Pigments:


Ecuri Cosmetics has 11 different ‘shades of black’ for real ‘Razor Sharp Look’. All of these pigments contain the same black pigment. These pigments have been corrected by blue undertone Numbers 20 to 30 with reference to the amount of black pigment (11 different shades of grey and black).

Razor Grey / Blue corrector: This is a special pigment for correcting grey and blue undertones.

1.1 Almost black pigment, especially developed for tinted and dark skin. Heals like Razor Pigment, it looks very sharp and crisp in the skin without blue undertone.

1.2 Brown-Black pigment, especially developed for the tinted and dark skin. Heals like Razor Pigment, it looks very sharp and crisp in the skin without blue undertone.

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