Dandruff and how we can deal with a flaky scalp

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What Is Dandruff?

This is quite upsetting, especially if one wears a black sweater. Essentially, dandruff is a common skin disorder. It appears to affect nearly half of the world’s population. When do you know if your are included? Well, when the excessive amounts of dead skin flakes fall from your scalp with a bit of itching, but typically no redness or scabbing, you’ve got dandruff!

It usually gets worse during the colder seasons because of the dry air. It generally improves in the summer. Dandruff is caused by build-up of dead skin. In some severe cases yeast organisms could aggravate it.

What to do with it?

If yeast of fungus got hold of your scalp you probably should go to the doctor because there are many other forms of skin ailments which may look just like dandruff. But if its only the plain old dandruff you’ve got you could try the following suggestions.

  • Be reasonable and use the knowledge about healthy life style available to us for quite some time.
  • Be open to the new methods which are always based on the pure natural ways.

What  we already know that helps to improve your scalp condition

or How to Get Rid of Dandruff?

  • waterDrink plenty of purified water.
  • Very often your skin knows this already while you are still not inclined to pay attention to it.




  • Stop using aggressive commercial hair washing and styling products.
  • Banish the hair woman-586185_1920blower from your life as soon as you can.


  • zalmAdd food rich in Omega 3 fats into your diet.
  • Eat more fresh, wild-caught salmon or chia seeds.
  • The omega 3s provides much needed hydration for your skin from within; therefore, they help in reducing dandruff.




  • Extra virgin olive oil - Dr. AxeCook with coconut and olive oil because of the ‘good’ medium-chain fatty acids they contain.
  • And also because of their anti fungal and antiviral properties that help target the fungus and any viruses or bacteria that may exist. In many cases the reduction of dandruff can occur within a month or so.
  • You could effectively use these oils for hair treatments as hair masks.
  • Apply a little bit of unrefined organic olive or coconut oil to the scalp, wait for an hour and wash the hair thoroughly.



  • Use the Scalp Anti Hair Loss Lotion developed with great precision and care by Alec Kurucz with Ecuri team.
  • Studies prove to us there are essential oils and herbal extracts that really make a difference. Rosemary and clary sage oils do that. They contain antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Much like coconut oil, they can reduce inflammation and treat viruses. They also help to fight fungus and yeast.
    • The Scalp Anti Hair Loss lotion contains only natural ingredients, such as essential oils of rosemary and clary sage as well as vitamins and other herbal extracts.
    • It nurtures the scalp, reduces dandruff and strengthens the hair follicles.


Check out Hair Growth Activation method developed by Ecuri Cosmetics

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It uses natural substances in combination with modern technology and helps in improving the scalp condition while naturally activating your own hair growth.

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