What is Alopecia Diffusa, causes and possible treatments.

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alopecia diffusa

Alopecia Diffusa or Diffuse Hair Loss, causes and possible treatments

With alopecia diffusa or diffuse hair loss the hair loss will equally affect entire scalp. Due to hair loss ocurring gradually over time, the hair will thin in progression. However, with diffuse hair loss the hair follicles remain intact. Hence, the hair can start growing again. But the cause of diffuse hair loss must be properly treated.

Causes of alopecia diffusa or diffuse hair loss

First of all, there are a variety of potential triggers and it can be challenging to narrow down the primary cause. For example, an iron deficiency is a common cause of diffuse hair loss. Particularly women can have low iron levels and are at risk of anaemia.  Another is zinc, which is also essential for healthy hair. This trace element is involved in the formation of proteins that make up hair. Furthermore, copper and selenium are two trace elements that are needed for healthy hair growth. However, even if you have a healthy diet and do not suffer from nutrient deficiency in the strict sense, diffuse hair loss can still occur. When certain nutrients are lacking, the body will  restrict nutrient supply to the hair. This is because hair is not particularly important for the body to function. The body will conserve these micronutrients for use in it’s other parts.

The most important nutrients for treating alopecia diffusa include:

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Amino acids, L-cysteine and L-methionine
  • Biotin

Treatments for diffuse hair loss

Since alopecia diffusa or diffuse hair loss can easily be triggered by nutrient deficiencies, a balanced diet and dietary supplements are a promising treatment. The Ecuri Hair Products contain a daily approved amount of minerals and vitamins and  trace elements for healthy hair growth.

alopecia diffusaDHT hormonealopecia diffusa

Ecuri DHT Blockers have proved to be very efficient in combating alopecia diffusa or thinning hair. These are natural supplements containing not only DHT Blockers to stop the production of DHT hormone and support hair growth from the inside-out. They also contain such elements as zinc, selenium and copper alongside the Vitamins of B-group. Ecuri Hair supplements are beneficial for both men and women, for hair with more strength and vitality. Since dietary supplements for hair have no negative side effects, you can confidently take them without causing yourself discomfort in any way.

There are also drug therapies, usually involving minoxidil. However, these particular medication needs to be taken indefinitely and it can have unwanted side effects.

Alopecia Diffusa or diffuse hair loss can be classified in two ways  as either telogen or anagen :

  • The first pattern of baldness is characterised by a high concentration of hair follicles in the resting phase. As a result, the hair falls out very easily when washing or combing.
  • The second pattern of hair loss is defined by hair loss which occurs during the growth phase. This is a typical side effect of radiation or chemotherapy treatments. Either poisoning or severe nutritional deficiencies can also cause it.

It usually takes some time before the diffuse hair loss becomes evident. This is why it’s so important to warrant  the unwanted  hair loss wherever possible.  If you notice abnormal hair loss, seeking treatment sooner rather than later is recommended. Therefore, the longer you leave it as it is, the longer  it can take to reverse future hair loss.

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